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The Dragon Universe Utopia Origins
by Lester D. Crawford

Book cover for 'The Dragon Universe Utopia Origins' showing a child having a picnic with a dragon

Did a single person start the war with dragons, a person with outlandish and inaccurate ideas, a person with the charisma to convince others to adopt their delusion? We may never know.

When, generations later, a dragon-slayer knight comes to understand the devastation dragons are about to unleash on people, he works in opposition to society's beliefs and values to stop the conflict. Will the dragon he fights join him in changing the course of history to save people and dragons before civilization is destroyed?

When a child who wants to be a dragon-slayer knight so he can fight dragons learns the truth about dragons, he tries to make friends with them and protect them. Will his actions create an opportunity to establish a rapport with dragons?

When another child befriends a young dragon, the two find themselves challenging the beliefs of the adults regarding being friends. Will their friendship survive in a world where humans and dragons fear and mistrust each other?

When a dragon who wants to eradicate all the humans finds an orphaned human child, she learns the truth about the humans. Will she accept having her world view challenged?

When a dragon dedicated to ensuring the war with the humans never returns confronts the humans and tries to make friends, he has to overcome his fear of the humans and the humans' fear of him. Will the human he meets join him on his journey toward learning to trust?

Long ago, a single person may have created the problem, but today it will take more than one person or one dragon to end the lies and heal the damage. Heroes from both sides take actions to advance the cause of coexistence by challenging fear, prejudice, ignorance, and their societies' beliefs with the goal of creating a world of peace, acceptance, and friendship.

Will they change the world?

The Dragon Universe Utopia Origins is available worldwide on bookseller websites, but I recommend purchasing it through your local independent bookstore.

To order the hardback or paperback editions, go to your local independent bookstore's store or website, or use

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If you wish to purchase the ebook edition, go directly to your local independent bookstore's website, or any other bookseller.

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I write speculative fiction;
therefore, I speculate.

Lester writes speculative fiction. He enjoys creating science fiction and fantasy stories for all ages, stories that explore the relationships between contrasting characters and the struggles that bring them together, stories that use themes of love, loyalty, friendship, kindness, acceptance, family of origin, and family of choice.

He always wanted to be a story teller, to create science and science fiction and fantasy books and movies. However, he could not find that path.

The path our life takes is best described by chaos theory with chaotic regions, times of steady state, and areas with strange attracters. Unpredictable opportunities create many possible outcomes as we make our life choices.

Each of us is the product of those unpredictable opportunities. Even if we feel we are in control as we pursue our goals, that chance, accidents, and coincidences do not occur, and the journey feels well managed, we are still at the mercy of happenstance. When opportunities arise and we choose a path, the path not taken might have been the path we should have taken.

After years of experimenting with various opportunities, which eventually led to a career in information technology, Lester finally found the right path — the path that led to writing his stories.

Writing is a powerful tool. Writing enhances intelligence and critical-thinking skills for both writer and reader. Writing spreads knowledge today, and across generations. Writing forms bonds that can make the world a better place. Writing is magic.

Lester’s stories bring him joy. He hopes his stories also bring you joy.

Thank you for your support.

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