100-Word Story for Christmas 2023

The Santa-Verse
by Lester D. Crawford

Every Santa is real. I know. I’ve met them.

I invented a transdimensional door. I opened it. A red and green and silver and gold Christmas dragon wearing a Santa hat fell through. He was angry because taking him from his Earth was ruining Christmas.

His Santa Ring’s distress signal summoned more Santas from the Santa-Verse, Santas of every type and species. Chaos ensued. I was sure I would be crushed.

Our Santa brought order by returning the others to their Earths.

He told me to stop making transdimensional doors.

I think, instead of a door, I’ll make a window.


Audio Version of The Santa-Verse

I have a tradition of writing a 100-word Christmas story for the Advent Ghosts Flash Fiction Challenge run by Loren Eaton of the I Saw Lightning Fall blog.

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